CHA Outpatient Pharmacy

How to best use the CHA Outpatient Pharmacy

The CHA Pharmacy helps you get the medicine you need explains how to take it safely. We work closely with you and your care team. Please read below to get the most from the Pharmacy. 

If you run out of your current medicine:

Please contact the CHA Pharmacy to get more medicine if 1) you have run out of medicine but you have more refills remaining and 2) your prescription has not expired.  

You can contact the pharmacy by phone or using the refill mobile app, (RxLocal).

If you have no refills remaining or your prescription has expired:

When your provider writes you a prescription, they usually only authorize a certain number of refills. This is because they need to make sure the medicine is working as expected. Before you get a new prescription, you may need an appointment or a blood test.  

Please contact your provider by phone or through MyChart when: 1) you have zero refills remaining on your prescription and/or 2) your prescription has expired.

If you need a new prescription:

The CHA Pharmacy cannot prescribe (authorize) medicine. That has to be done by your provider. If you think you need a new medicine, or a new prescription, please contact your provider directly by phone or MyChart. You may need an appointment so your team can assess your needs. 

Reading the prescription label

How to read your prescription label

Reading the prescription label:

The image above explains how to read the prescription label on your medication bottle. Please call the Pharmacy directly with any questions about your prescription.

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